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National industry with world-class quality, we challenge ourselves to provide high-quality products,
It is a message and a price we pay to pave the way towards an advanced industrial country

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About Rabetal

About Rabetal Aluminum Factory

Starting with the establishment of the factory, we strive to achieve our first goal, which is to reach our national products with the highest quality standards.

  • Reaching the local product to the highest quality standards by using the purest and strongest materials from reliable sources.
  • All products are carefully designed and executed by experts in order to keep pace with the international architectural development.
  • Credibility in dealing, so profit is not the main goal to the extent of our desire to satisfy our customers.
  • The guarantee of the products against manufacturing defects is what we have taken care to protect the consumer from any defects in the products bearing the name of Rebetal.

About the factory In fulfillment of our slogan “Rabetal, high-quality aluminum products”, we designed our products in an ideal way that could not be compete in terms of aesthetics of design. A distinguished location and a good reputation in the Gulf markets, and we have exported our products to some Gulf countries such as Kuwait, Bahrain, and Qatar, and we are always striving to develop and add new operating systems and lines. (ISO) 9001: 2015 No. SA88884A.

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Why Rabetal?

What makes us unique and unique in the Aluminum industry

Stylish designs

Because we care how our products look as well as durability, quality and workmanship to create a perfect design

High durability

We use the best materials available in the market to provide durable, high-quality products, with a long life span

Our Numbers speak for us

The achievements we have achieved in numbers speak to the extent of our excellence and leadership


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Factory Advantages

What makes us unique and unique in the aluminum industry


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CEO Vision

What makes us unique and unique in the aluminum industry

رضا البحيري

Eng/ Reda Elbahrawy


We have designed this website to provide you with an in-depth and comprehensive review of our products, and reflects the extent of our pride, as employees of (Rabetal) what we produce for your service, we strive to achieve our first goal which is to bring our national products to the highest quality standards, and the permanent development of our products is the main goal that we seek to continue our growth and the success of our business, And convey our sense of our mission and vision to become the name (Rabetal) as the preferred leading slogan in the field of architectural products compared to those in the Middle East. Rapital culture is characterized by its ability to quickly adapt to the needs and requirements of clients. Since our inception in 2004 until the present day, our approach in the field of creativity and innovation has resulted in continuous improvement in the way we work and the growth of our products and their diversification with our interest in form and design, which is undoubtedly one of the secrets of our success, through our website you will discover our commitment to the societies in which we operate in their midst, We are working to protect the environment and maintain our keen interest in us and them all, and we have (Rabetal) technology and innovation leadership to build a better future, and provide our customers with high-quality products. (Rabetal) also seeks to preserve and enhance the successes achieved since its inception. We focus on the challenges of market requirements, and we work effectively with our customers to find the best solutions and applications to ensure sustainable long-term relationships. It also allows you to browse this site present in the factory experiences, the reliability of products and services and the nature of innovation and creativity for its products. Warm greetings


Factory address

Al Kharj Road, Exit 7, Industrial zone in Al-Rifa’a